This Year’s Trustee Scholars

Thirteen rising seniors sit across the table from the Ringling College Board of Trustees. Over sandwiches and sodas, they confidently introduce themselves, and tell a bit about their journeys into the world of art and design. They are excited. They are nervous. In just a few short months, they will be sharing their stories with a room of 300 people. They are the 2016–17 Ringling College Trustee Scholars.

What does it mean to be a Trustee Scholar?

Of course it means academic excellence. After all, only two students from each major are nominated. It also means dedication and strength of character. This is a student who propels his or her own education off campus and into the real world. A student who helps and inspires classmates. This is why the Office of Student Life also nominates two students per year.

And from these nominations, the Board of Trustees has the near-impossible task of selecting one from each major and one from the Office of Student Life (although sometimes they just have to select two!). Sifting through the College’s most exemplary portfolios and résumés, the Trustees are challenged to select the students that most embody the qualities of dedication, talent, originality, and brilliance to receive the Board’s highest honor.

“The Capitol of Creativity recognizes everyone that makes Ringling College buzz with innovation and creative thinking—the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and supporters. It is a network that extends far beyond the campus, our state, or even country. It is a hub of creativity that readies emerging artists and designers and embraces them after graduation.”

Dr. Larry R. Thompson

These students are the reason that every year the Sarasota Hyatt Ballroom fills with community members, eager to hear their stories and get inspired by their work. This past October was no different. Upon entering the hotel, guests also entered the Capitol of Creativity, a world designed by this year’s Advertising and Motion Design Trustee Scholars, Robson Tan and Philip Gleichauf. It is a world that celebrates the strength of the entire Ringling College community.

And these 13 students are pillars of that community.

By Stephanie Lederer  |  Photography by Matt Holler ’11
Illustration and Photo Art Direction by Robson Tan ’17 and Philip Gleichauf ’17