These alumni made the leap from student to professional within 60 days of graduating.

At Ringling College, we prepare students to jump right into the creative careers of their dreams as seamlessly as possible. After all, our students know what they want and they work hard to get it—so why should they wait a minute longer?

Flavio Vincenti, Graphic & Interactive Communications
Associate Product Designer

Hired: March 2016
Graduated: May 2016

User Experience Extraordinaire
One of Graphic Design USA’s “2016 Students to Watch,” Flavio Vincenti propelled his design career after graduation, joining Yahoo!’s team of expert designers and engineers. Going beyond the company’s well-known search function, his role empowers him to collaborate across the organization on the brand’s products and services, including sports, finance, video experiences, and social communities, shaping the outward face of the company and changing the way people experience and consume news. As for his time at Ringling College, Flavio says, “I learned the basics and principles of design—something you need for this job. Of course I had to learn some new skills when I first started, but I had the foundation to just jump right in.”

Fun Fact: Flavio played baseball at an American Baseball Academy in Italy, which brought him to the U.S. to finish high school. Here, he was exposed to art and design, which he decided to pursue after playing college baseball on a scholarship.


Austin Film Festival
Grace Morris, Business of Art & Design Development Assistant

Graduated: May 2016
Hired: June 2016

Event Management Maven
Knowing she wanted to end up in Austin, TX, Grace spent her senior year Spring Break looking for jobs in the city. She interviewed with the Austin Film Festival and landed an internship, which quickly became a job as Development Assistant. In this position, Grace sold advertising space and engaged sponsors such as Samsung, Lincoln, and Dove Chocolate for the eight day event. This fast-paced, multifaceted festival work helped Grace move into her current position at Rodeo Austin, where she confirmed her passion for event planning and visitor experience work. She explains how her program paved the way for this career path, “The projects at Ringling were similar, asking how we can give the customer a memorable, authentic experience with a brand or product. My classes at Ringling prepared me for this experience, working with clients such as Moonbot and Converse.”

Fun Fact: Grace grew up in Texas with a love for animals and drawing. She had goats, lambs, deer, pigs, and cows and used to compete in the Rodeo Houston Art Show.


Crypt TV
Evan Gorski, Film
Director of Editorial

Graduated: May 2016
Hired: May 2016

Master of the Macabre
A lifelong lover of horror, Evan pursued and earned a position at Eli Roth’s Crypt TV well before graduation. As the company’s first intern, he jumped right in during his senior year, learning to manage budgets, create content, edit films, and work in the industry as a student. Now, Evan works with filmmakers, creates in-house content, and cuts together marketing campaigns for horror movies—recently working on short films for Don’t Breathe, Split, and Rings and creating scary videos for Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights. When asked how Ringling College readied him for this work, Evan remarks, “I learned how to handle critiques and broaden my work. The Film program gave me so much freedom to explore and get hands-on experience, I could figure out where I wanted to be.”

Fun Fact: As much as he loves the macabre, he loves musicals almost as much. Evan’s hoping that a pair of Hamilton tickets will magically appear on his doorstep one of these days.

Grace Cheung, Illustration

Graduated: May 2016
Hired: July 2016

Super Sculptor
Grace was first introduced to the Hasbro workshop by a Ringling College faculty member. She applied and was accepted into the workshop during her senior year; as a result she was hired as a sculptor after graduation. The work she does at Hasbro heavily draws on the strong foundational skills she learned at Ringling College. She says, “Being able to draw and paint from life helps inform everything I am doing now.” Working and learning alongside other talented individuals at Hasbro has been a very rewarding experience for Grace, and she looks forward to meeting other passionate artists in the future.

Fun Fact: Grace had no action figures when she started work. Now she has 12 and her collection shows no signs of stopping.


DWJA Landscape Architects
Lucas Davy, Interior Design

Graduated: May 2016
Hired: June 2016

Landscape Luminary
A Sarasota native, Lucas has watched the city grow and develop around him. Now, as an Associate for DWJA Landscape Architects, he has the opportunity to add to the region’s beauty and vitality. Lucas has contributed to several downtown projects, and even returned to the Ringling College campus to contribute to the new Goldstein Library, Basch Visual Arts Center, and Soundstage and Post Production Complex exteriors. Working in such an immersive field, he enjoys seeing the projects he and his company complete around town. Regarding his transition from student to professional, Lucas remarks, “Ringling prepared me. I had the practical education to get started after graduation. Along with developing my design sense, I could tackle spatial analysis work, and I understood 3D rendering, coding, and accessibility.”

Fun Fact: Lucas has always had a knack for building, designing, and creating—he even built his own bed and shelving instead of purchasing it to make sure it was exactly what he wanted.
By Stephanie Lederer
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