Ringling students becoming professionals—one award-winning project at a time.

Writer, comedian, film director, actor and internet sensation Kevin Smith initially visited Ringling College last March to talk with students and Studio Lab supporters. Sarasota surprised him, with Smith commenting:

“This is a huge arts community. There was nothing but art: art this, art that, art everywhere. I had no idea. You guys are the best kept secret in Florida.”

After a couple of days of working with students and meeting faculty and film supporters in the community, his visit quickly morphed into a production meeting, with Smith enthusiastically pitching ideas for programming he could bring to Ringling College.

“Who’s hungrier than a student at a college?” Smith said. “I guarantee you, I’m going to work with these cats and be embarrassed at how much better they are at the job. I honestly will get more working with these people than they will probably get working with me.”

The end result is that Kevin Smith and his team will begin production on their, as of yet untitled, project with the Ringling College Studio Lab and Semkhor Productions at the new soundstage and post production complex this summer.

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